Home Shift

Once we shift our affection and satisfaction to Jesus, it should overflow into every aspect of our lives – including our families. How can we build a home that is truly focused on Jesus?

Satisfaction Shift

If we want to engage in the mission of making a Kingdom difference, it all starts with shifting our affection and satisfaction toward Jesus. Is He the one thing that drives everything?

The Wonder of God’s Hope (Christmas @ Impact)

Merry Christmas! Throughout this series, we have looked at the wonder of God’ love, God’s timing and God’s name. To wrap up our Christmas series, we are looking at the wonder of God’s hope. That hope? Jesus! Let’s celebrate as God loved us enough to send Jesus on a rescue mission for all humanity.

The Wonder of God’s Timing

Wonder and waiting usually don’t go together. But with God, we can be confident that He is working in the waiting, which is full of wonder. How can we get through the seasons that are supposed to be cheerful when we don’t feel cheerful at all? How can we wait on God knowing in the waiting is a beautiful, wonderful time?

The Wonder of God’s Love

Christmas is often associated with wonder. One of the wonders of God is His extravagant and transformational love. What does this love mean for us as we try to navigate this life?

Living in God’s Will

If we know God’s will, that’s a great start. But how can we truly live in the will of God?

IN All Things

Leaders. Difficult people. Unwanted circumstances. Can we really live in God’s will in such a messed up world? Can we really be full of joy? Can we really live with an attitude of constant prayer? Can we really be thankful all the time?

God is Sovereign

God’s sovereign will cannot and will not be deterred. So how is that so many things happen in life that we know can’t be the heart of God? And why does He not stop some things from happening? How can we really know His will?

Gifted Living

Every Believer has a spiritual gift, yet not all Believers know it, believe it, understand it and/or know what to do with it. Join us as we learn what spiritual gifts are for, where they came from, and how we can truly live them out every day.

Work of the Spirit

The Spirit is God, and He is personable. He is also active. What are some things the Holy Spirit has done, is doing and will do? Join us for Week 2 as we dive in and discover some amazing works of the Spirit.