God’s Sovereignty in Our Provision

Everything we have is because it has been given to us by God. Do we feel entitled to what we have or are we truly grateful? Who are we that God would lavish His love and grace upon us?

God’s Sovereignty in Our Perseverance

Even in our working, God is still in control. He is the reason we are able to continue on, even through the difficult circumstances of life. He changes everything.

God’s Sovereignty in Our Pain

Why do bad things happen to good people? The truth is none of us are good. We know, even in our pain, God is working. He is in control of all things, and His ways are greater than our ways.


One of the agents God uses for our sanctification is children. Being a parent is challenging, but understanding the ultimate purpose is vital. Are you raising arrows?

Symptoms of a Gospel-infected Life

When we are infected with the Gospel, our life changes forever. Because it is an inside-out change, once our heart is made new and our mind is being transformed, our life begins to look different.

Recipe for a Christian Life

There is no list of things to make us “good” people. We simply have to know God, grow in Him, and begin to show His love to the world. There are some ingredients, and they are only available through the power of the Spirit.

Nailed to the Cross

Jesus took ALL our sin, forgiving us, by nailing it to the cross. As Believers, there is now no condemnation. The enemy has been defeated once and for all.

Jesus is First

Jesus is before all things. He doesn’t do second, nor should He. Is He first in your life?

The Pastor’s Prayer

As Paul was writing to the Colossian church from prison, he wanted them to know just how much he cared for them. He mentions multiples times how he prays for them, and in the same way, Pastor Dustin prays for Impact Church.

Maturing in Love

Your love can grow old, or you can grow old in love. The choice is yours. We can continue to mature in our love if we continue to pursue and value.