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NEXT Initiative Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NEXT Initiative?

The NEXT Initiative is a 3-year journey we are taking together as a faith family to deepen our relationship with Jesus and to raise funds for Impact’s next step. During these three years, we will focus on discipleship through next steps, outreach, and abundant generosity. 

What is the importance of giving now? 

We currently lease the school, and while it has been a blessing, there are challenges. Being mobile hinders us from doing certain things and our desire is to shift our entire focus toward Jesus. As we continue to grow, currently at a rate of 25%, we believe a permanent home will help us successfully sustain growth while impacting our city in greater ways. 

What is the goal of this initiative?

The goal of the NEXT Initiative is for every single person to engage in the mission of making a Kingdom impact by taking their next step of faith and to raise up to $300k to help Impact take its next step as a church (toward our own permanent home) to expand our Kingdom impact in Harlem and beyond. While this initiative will aid in our next step, we know it is not our final step. We will have more initiatives as we never stop moving when God says to move.

Is this goal attainable?

The short answer: YES! We believe if 100% of Impact takes their next step of faith and everyone practices abundant generosity through sacrificial giving, we will reach our goal of raising $300k. 

How do I commit to the NEXT initiative?

Beginning Sunday, September 3rd, we are launching the NEXT series in worship and other group settings that will culminate on Sunday, September 24th.  On September 24th we are inviting everyone to prayerfully consider the sacrificial gift you will make to this vision by filling out a "Commitment Card."  This is a commitment to make financial contributions over a 3-year period beginning November 2023 and ending November 2026.  November 5th will be our "First Fruits" offering where we are asking everyone to begin contributing to the vision.  Some may choose to give one lump sum; others may give monthly, quarterly, etc.  Other non-cash gifts may also be given in the form of stocks, property, etc.  NEXT offering envelopes as well as other means will be made available for contributions.

When does the giving for the NEXT Initiative start?

November 5th will be our "First Fruits" offering where we are asking everyone to begin contributing to the vision.

Can I contribute to the NEXT Initiative through an electronic bank draft?

Yes. Electronic bank draft can be set up through our giving platform online for general giving and for the NEXT Initiative.

Is giving to the NEXT Initiative in addition to my normal regular giving?

Yes. Impact has a general operating budget required to maintain and run our current ministries. Giving to the NEXT Initiative will be an additional gift above and beyond your general giving. 

Can I redirect my giving to the NEXT Initiative from the General Fund?

We discourage redirecting giving from the General Fund to the NEXT Initiative. The General Fund is used to support the missions, programs and ministries of Impact that are currently in place, while the NEXT Initiative is to support a specific goal to help Impact take its next step. 

Are my donations to the NEXT Initiative tax-deductible?

Yes. You will receive giving statements with the General Fund, NEXT Initiative, and all other tax-deductible gifts. 

Can I give a one-time donation in addition to the 3-year commitment?

Yes. Our "First Fruits" offering on November 5th would be a great time to consider giving a one-time gift.

Why have the NEXT Initiative if we don’t have a specific piece of property we are trying to purchase?

The NEXT Initiative is about giving to and rallying around a vision, not a specific piece of land/property. We know our vision requires facilities, so giving now positions Impact to take the step of purchasing when the opportunity arises. 

Am I able to donate at a later time if I cannot commit now?

Absolutely. Simply fill out a "Commitment Card" when that time comes.

Can I commit for less than 3 years?

We are asking that you consider participating for the duration of the 3-year journey, however, if circumstances do not allow that, simply indicate that on your commitment card. 

I’m struggling financially and don’t know if I can commit to the NEXT Initiative – what can I do?

We have resources to help you with your personal finances. Along with a certified Financial Coach on staff at Impact, we are currently offering the Financial Peace University course. We ask that you participate in the NEXT Initiative at whatever level is sacrificial for you. Remember – it’s not about equal giving, but equal sacrifice.

Impact has always given away 10% of our offerings to missions. Will this continue?

Yes. We are committed to abundant generosity as a church. We will always partner with other ministries and give to help expand the Gospel in Harlem and beyond. 

Is the NEXT Initiative covering just the purchase of land/property?

The NEXT Initiative will help cover the next step for Impact Church. The next step could be land, new construction, an existing building that comes available, renovations to an existing building, rent/utility costs of an existing building, etc. Impact will be faithful to take whatever step is next as directed by the Spirit. The NEXT Initiative will be used for that next step. 

Will commitments be made public?

Absolutely not! Giving is between each person/family and God.

Can commitments be changed?

Yes. You may either increase or decrease your commitment at any time God leads.

Will new persons/families be asked to commit to the NEXT Initiative? 

Yes. New persons/families will be contacted by the Follow-Up Team and given the opportunity to make a commitment to the NEXT Initiative. 


The NEXT Initiative is a three-year journey we are taking together as a faith community to take our next step of faith as individuals and as a church in order to continue making a Kingdom difference in Harlem and beyond. 

The Goal: To shift our focus solely on God, take our next step of faith, and sacrificially give to help fulfill the mission God has given us. 

The Challenge: Impact Church has been mobile since we launched in 2020, and since that first Sunday we have seen exponential growth numerically and spiritually. God continues to bless this ministry, and as we continue to grow, having a permanent home will help facilitate that growth as we continue to help people know God’s love, grow in God’s love, and show God’s love to the world. 

The Plan: A permanent home! The NEXT Initiative will afford us the opportunity to purchase something when the time arises. With this, Impact will be more effective in fulfilling the mission God has given us. 

The Proposal: Our goal is to raise $300,000 or more for the purpose of securing a permanent home.