Moses gave a law that most of us learn as a kid. Jesus comes and says it’s not just about the action, instead it is mainly about the heart. Don’t murder, of course. But don’t even be angry, rather be reconciled. Jesus could say this because He is the greatest reconciler of all time.


The greatest sermon ever recorded was the sermon Jesus gave on a mountainside. The Sermon on the Mount starts and ends with the Gospel. Everything in-between is what it looks like to live a Gospel-infected life. Jesus gives us practical life lessons, not to prove we are Christ followers but because we are Christ followers.

Responding to God’s Love

Jesus loved us so much that he suffered the cross and ultimately defeated death on our behalf. How should we respond to that kind of love? Glory. Grace. Gall.

One truth that we can’t get over is this: the Creator of the universe loves us. Because of His love, we can be connected to Him in relationship. Because of His love, we can love others. Because of His love, we can have the boldness and power to live like Jesus. For God so loved… you!

Communication in Marriage

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Communication is key”? Well, that’s actually pretty accurate. Communication is something usually well intended and poorly executed. In order to have a marriage that honors God and our spouse, we must learn to have specific conversations with an open mind and a spirit of understanding. Add these specific conversations into your marriage, and watch what begins to happen.


Sadly, approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce. Why does this happen? While there are many different things we could point to, we believe marriages fail because husbands and wives just aren’t prepared. Throughout this series, we will look at some key components that will help prepare us for and strengthen marriage relationships. We will discover truths from Scripture that will help us foster God-honoring marriages.

The Local Church

The local church has been around for a long time. If you’ve ever attended one for a long time, you realize that there are usually certain traits that make it different than other churches. But if we go back to the earliest know church, we will see a model that should be duplicated! If the Biblical example is followed, we find a church that is healthy; we find a family we can be thankful for.

As we enter the Thanksgiving season, we will undoubtedly see social media posts about all the things people are thankful for. While there’s nothing wrong with that, wouldn’t it be great to dig deeper than most of the superficial things we see on those lists? Let’s learn to be thankful for who God says we are, who God says He is, and the fact that we get to do life in a local family of Believers – the church.

Giving God Our Yes

The best ability we can give God is our availability. Our “Yes” to Him doesn’t just impact us, it impacts others. Tune in to see how we can live a life of availability and truly make a difference in the world around us.

The book of Jonah is about more than some man getting swallowed up by a big fish. This book shows us what a sinner is, who the Savior is, and how we can engage in the mission of God. Jonah highlights the character and goodness of God, and invites us to take our next steps to become more like Jesus.

Spirit of Gentleness

Paul says to use your freedom for gentleness.

Galatians is an important letter we find in the New Testament. Written to Christians who were struggling to live in the freedom of God’s grace, the elements of this letter can help us learn what it means to truly have freedom through Christ.

Average vs. Elite

Following Jesus can be challenging. There are usually moments where we have to choose if we really want to be fully devoted. We have to keep focus and remember it is all for the sake of the Gospel.


Who is called out? What does that even mean? Does Jesus only call certain people? There are a ton of questions when it comes to following after Jesus, and in this series we will explore what it looks like, who it’s for and what it means for all of us.

Giving Your Part

Everyone has something to give to the Body of Christ. Even if we feel it isn’t important, every member has equal importance when it comes to the living out God’s purpose.


Is giving commanded? What should we give? How much? Why? All of these questions matter, and the answers may be surprising to many people. We will answer these questions and more as we really investigate the power of giving.

God of Wonder

God is everything we could ever want! He is our wonderful counselor; He is our mighty King; He is our everlasting Father; He is our Prince of Peace.


What was Jesus referred to as “God with us?” Is it because He was God in the flesh? Well, that’s part of it. The truth is, “God with us” has such a powerful meaning! In this series, we will see what kind of baby was really going to be born and how He is still “God with us.”

Better Together

We hear the word “unity” a lot in our generation, but what does it really mean? How can we be unified? What unifies us? Why should we be unified? Paul answers all these questions in Ephesians 2.


God can seem mysterious and far away. His ways are definitely not like our ways. How can we know Him? How can we know our role in this whole “Christian” lifestyle? Is there some sort of playbook? As we dive into the book of Ephesians, we will see God’s ultimate purpose, our ultimate purpose, and how God intends for us to live out both in our everyday lives. We will learn what it means to live in community with God and community with others.