Found People Find People

How can we change the world? We invite them to Jesus. Because we have been found, we find others.

God Knows Us

Not only is God a cosmic being with no beginning or end, He is a loving Father who knows us on a personal level.


Accountability is something we don’t like to talk about, but it is something we need as Believers. The important thing is to know what accountability really is and how we can actually live it out in community. Join us as we hear from Pastor Brandon Henson from Anchor Church.
We often shy away from building real relationships because we are afraid of what someone may think or how others will perceive us. For that reason, we often end up isolated and alone. Sincere community, where genuine relationships are formed, is pivotal to us growing in God’s love. Through this series, we will look at real life stories of how sharing our story and doing life with others helps us take our next steps of faith – and helps draw others closer to Jesus.