The Wonder of God’s Hope (Christmas @ Impact)

Merry Christmas! Throughout this series, we have looked at the wonder of God’ love, God’s timing and God’s name. To wrap up our Christmas series, we are looking at the wonder of God’s hope. That hope? Jesus! Let’s celebrate as God loved us enough to send Jesus on a rescue mission for all humanity.

The Wonder of God’s Name

God is wonder, and Christmas speaks to that unlike any other time of the year. Understanding His character helps us understand His wonder. Understanding His wonder helps us experience Him like never before.

The Wonder of God’s Timing

Wonder and waiting usually don’t go together. But with God, we can be confident that He is working in the waiting, which is full of wonder. How can we get through the seasons that are supposed to be cheerful when we don’t feel cheerful at all? How can we wait on God knowing in the waiting is a beautiful, wonderful time?

The Wonder of God’s Love

Christmas is often associated with wonder. One of the wonders of God is His extravagant and transformational love. What does this love mean for us as we try to navigate this life?