Maturing in Love

Your love can grow old, or you can grow old in love. The choice is yours. We can continue to mature in our love if we continue to pursue and value.

How to Leverage Conflict

Conflict is inevitable. We are all passionate about things, and when our passions go unmet, it creates conflict. There is a way to manage and leverage conflict that honors God and honors our spouse.

The Honeymoon

Sex isn’t gross, but it’s also not God. In reality, sex is a good gift from God for the purpose of procreation and recreation. How can we have Godly sex? For starters, it is between two Jesus followers, in the covenant of marriage, pursuing God and pursuing one another.

The Covenant of Marriage

The marriage relationship is often treated like a contract. A contract says, “If you do this, then I will do this.” This type of marriage is unbiblical and is a recipe for disaster. Instead, God calls us to have a covenant marriage. A covenant says, “No matter what, I will.”

Sexual Immorality

When it comes to sex, the world’s view is much different than God’s view. Because we allow the world to be loudest, sexual sin is rampant in our culture. Where sexual sin exists, intimacy in relationships is driven out. How can we stay away from sexual immorality?

Godly Men and Women

The world often tells us how men and women should be, but when we turn to Scripture we find something completely different. In the context of relationships, the Bible is clear on how men and women should live. Join us as we look at the beginning of Song of Solomon and see some characteristics of Godly men and women.