Shifting our Perspective

When we shift our perspective toward Jesus, we begin to see our time and talents as resources to make a difference for the Kingdom of God. No matter what our current situation is, God wants to use us right where we are.

Shifting our Firsts

If you’ve been around church for a while you have probably heard the phrase, “first and best” at some point. This week we will dig in a bit and really look at what it means and how we can practically give God our first and best because He gave us His first and best in Jesus.

Influence Shift

Do you think you are a leader? The truth is, leadership is influence; and we all have influence. We are either leading people toward Jesus or away from Him. What would it look like if we shifted and became Godly influencers?

Home Shift

Once we shift our affection and satisfaction to Jesus, it should overflow into every aspect of our lives – including our families. How can we build a home that is truly focused on Jesus?

Satisfaction Shift

If we want to engage in the mission of making a Kingdom difference, it all starts with shifting our affection and satisfaction toward Jesus. Is He the one thing that drives everything?