God Knows Us

Not only is God a cosmic being with no beginning or end, He is a loving Father who knows us on a personal level.

Praise the Lord

We should praise God because He is worthy to be praised. He is all that He says He is. Is your life representative of praise?

The Presence of God

What happens when we don’t feel the presence of God? How can we respond, and can we know He is always right here with us?

His Steadfast Love

God’s love is exactly what we need to sustain us in life. Because of His steadfast love, our life should be one of worship to Him.

Confession and Repentance

In Psalm 51, we see David face his sinfulness head on. He cries out to God, humbling himself. Confessing and repenting should be a daily activity for every Christ follower.

A New Song

Oh, sing to the Lord a new song. As Jesus followers, we have already won the victory because of Christ. We should worship from a place a victory – responding to all that He is and all that He’s done.

God is Good

Good is good… all the time. All the time… God is good!

The Good Shepherd

Psalm 23 is one of the most popular Psalms. We see that God is more than just a cosmic being; He care about His kids and walks with them through it all.

Better Than Gold

The Word of God isn’t just some ancient book we can look to occasionally. Scripture is our map and our mirror. It guides us and it shows us our need for Jesus. Do you desire His word?