Gifted Living

Every Believer has a spiritual gift, yet not all Believers know it, believe it, understand it and/or know what to do with it. Join us as we learn what spiritual gifts are for, where they came from, and how we can truly live them out every day.

Work of the Spirit

The Spirit is God, and He is personable. He is also active. What are some things the Holy Spirit has done, is doing and will do? Join us for Week 2 as we dive in and discover some amazing works of the Spirit.

Experiencing the Spirit

Are you adequately experiencing the reality of the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit? Your answer to this question is pivotal in living a Spirit-filled life the way God intends for every Believer to live. Understanding who the Spirit is and how we can experience Him is where it all starts.

The Holy Spirit is mentioned all throughout Scripture, yet many Christ-followers don’t experience Him in a real and powerful way. Some of that is a lack of knowledge, while some of it is a lack of desire. Once we grasp who He is, what He does and how we can live empowered by Him, the Spirit-filled life is right around the corner.