Your Direction Matters

Where you end up is really determined by where you’re headed. Sometimes it is necessary to do an assessment of our direction and see if we are heading toward Jesus or away from Jesus.

Your Words Matter

Words are powerful, whether we believe it or not. They can bring death or life. How are you using your words? Are you building up or tearing down?


Being a disciple really just means learning from a master teacher. While we learn about God, what are we doing with that knowledge? Are we passing it on to others? Are we being invested in by more mature Believers? Discipleship is about multiplication, not addition.

Fear Is A Liar

Doubt isn’t the opposite of faith. Actually, having doubt would make you a good disciple (they all doubted). Fear is the opposite of faith, and fear will you keep you from living out the purpose God has for your life. Fear is a liar.

Passing the Faith

Faith isn’t something that just happens to you; it should happen through you. One of our greatest responsibilities is to pass the faith to the next soul/generation.