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Jesus Had Rhythms

When we study the life of Jesus, there is so much we can learn. One of the fascinating things is to see how He had certain rhythms just like everyone else. What set Him apart, besides being JESUS, is that His rhythms kept Him in step with the will of God. Jesus prayed often, he rested when He could, and He set boundaries in His ministry and His person life. When considering rhythms for our own lives, there is no better place to start than with the Savior of the world. The new year often brings new habits and new goals. While we agree that setting goals is important, the only way to reach a certain goal is to implement the right consistent rhythms. When we look at Scripture, we see that even Jesus had certain rhythms in His life. In this series, we will examine the core values of Impact Church and see how these values are actually habits we should all incorporate into our daily lives.